Insurance for BUSINESS

Succeeding in business is challenging enough, without having to worry about the consequences of illness, injury or death. Loss of a key member of your business, be it permanently or temporarily, could have a disastrous effect on your business. We can work with you to develop a business plan that protects cashflow and ensures control of your business stays in the right hands in the event of illness, injury or death.

We use highly rated solutions and companies, to provide peace of mind for you and your business partners.



If your business partner, or a major shareholder died last week, who would you be in business with today - their spouse? their children? an accountant? a lawyer?  a total stranger?

Continuity of the business enterprise would be seriously at risk in the event of an untimely death or serious disablement of a shareholder or partner.

An Insurance funded Buy/Sell Agreement is a means of creating cash exactly when required for the ongoing shareholder/partner to purchase a deceased or seriously disabled shareholder's or partner's interest in the business.

A Buy/Sell Agreement ensures that the cash is used as intended, while the insurance provides the cash. The document can include an agreed price, or how the price is to be determined.

Shareholder/partnership protection is designed to provide a predictable outcome in the event of a crisis, and the smooth handover of control and ownership, on the death or disablement of a shareholder.

The goal is twofold...

  • To retain control of the business by those in the business.
  • To treat the family of the deceased/disabled fairly.


Every business has ‘key people’ who are vital to the on-going success and future of the business. Should a key person in your business suffer from an illness or an accident and be unable to work, it can greatly impact on the service levels provided to your customers, cause stress for your staff, and dramatically reduce your profit. Key person insurance will help reduce the financial strain and protect profits by funding replacement personnel or a percentage of revenue.



Debt protection and guarantee release cover ensures that you have the capacity to repay commercial debt in the event of your disablement, incapacity or death.  This means you, your family and your personal assets are not placed at risk because any personal liability or personal guarantee is extinguished.



In the event you’re unable to work because you’re sick or injured, business expenses insurance pays your ongoing running costs. If you’re a small or larger business owner, your business is probably committed to costs whether the doors are open for business or not. Business Expenses insurance can keep your business running while you concentrate on getting well again.