Insurance for FAMILIES

Supporting a family can be challenging enough, without having to worry about the consequences of illness, injury or death. The loss of family income can have a disastrous effect on you and your dependants.

At TLI, we help you plan for these possibilities by structuring an Insurance Protection Plan that will provide funds when the unexpected strikes. Allowing you and your dependants to continue life as normally as possible without the added burden of financial stress.

Our Products...

Below are the main insurance products we use to craft Insurance Protection Plans.

[xa_acc style="xa-default" ][xa_slide title="Income Protection - How much Income would you need if you couldn't work?" openclose="" icon="chevron-right"]Your most precious asset is the ability to earn an income. Trying to cope financially without an income would mean major changes to your current lifestyle. Income protection can provide you with a monthly payment to help alleviate the financial pressures of being unable to work for a period of time until you can earn again or reach retirement age.

There are a number of types of income protection cover; our job is to make sure you are aware of the appropriate covers for your situation. The main decision we have to make is whether cover should be based on an amount determined by earnings at the time you are unable to work or a cover amount set up-front, a pre-agreed value.

When the benefit amount is set at claim time, it is based on earnings at that time. This type of calculation typically appeals to those on a salary. Alternatively, when the monthly benefit is set at the start of the policy, you will know in advance what you will be paid regardless of any changes in your income and provides greater certainty at claim time.[/xa_slide][xa_slide title="Mortgage or Rent Cover - How much do you need to keep the roof over your head!" openclose="" icon="chevron-right"]In some situations it may not be possible or appropriate to insure your income but cover for a mortgage liability (or rent) may still be prudent, in this situation an alternative is mortgage repayment cover; this product pays a monthly benefit of the amount of your home loan repayments (or rent) so you can keep paying your mortgage.

Similar to Income Protection, Mortgage repayment insurance covers you in the event you are unable to work due to accident, injury or illness. It provides a monthly benefit to a maximum of the mortgage repayments and in the event of a claim the benefit is may in some circumstances be paid direct to the lender.[/xa_slide][xa_slide title="Medical Insurance - Could you afford the cost of surgery?" openclose="" icon="chevron-right"]While New Zealand has a full public health service, faith in that system and its future is not widely held. More and more we hear of longer waiting lists and increasing numbers of treatments that are classed as elective. Should you ever require treatment, you need to be in a position to be able to get treatment as quickly as possible, without incurring a potentially large bill. Considering that 17% of the population is hospitalised every year, you need to consider how you will deal with this risk now and into the future. To address this risk we recommend Medical Insurance.

With medical insurance you are in a position to make use of the very best medical care at a time that suites you and in the private hospital of your choice.

It is our policy to include Specialists and Tests on all medical policies because we believe it an essential part of a good medical insurance policy and is relatively cost effective.[/xa_slide][xa_slide title="Trauma Insurance - What lump sum payment would you want in the event of a major health problem?" openclose="" icon="chevron-right"]While progress in modern medicine has reduced the likelihood of death after a serious illness such as being diagnosed with a critical cancer or suffering a heart attack or stroke, survivors are faced with the financial impact of additional medical costs and lost income during their recovery.

Trauma cover is an insurance that provides a lump sum benefit payable if you suffer one of a number of listed events. These funds can take away financial pressures and allow someone to concentrate on their recovery.

Trauma cover can be nominated as standalone or accelerated. By choosing accelerated cover, the benefit is linked to your life insurance. In the event that you claim on your trauma cover, the level of life insurance will reduce by that same amount. There is an option called ‘life buy-back’, which allow you to “buy-back” this life cover, back up to its original amount after a trauma claim without the need for health questions. There is also an option to add ‘trauma buy-back’ which allows you to purchase the trauma cover back after a determined timeframe. You would only then be covered for the conditions you haven’t initially claimed for.

Stroke, cancer, heart attack and up to 40 other critical events – we all hope these kinds of things only happen to other people. Unfortunately, the statistics show that around 1 in 3 people experiences at least one or another of these conditions at some point during their working life.

You may need home help or a nanny for the children, your partner may want to take time off work, or you may just want funds to take a holiday. Whatever the reason Trauma insurance can provide that lump sum payment on the event of diagnosis of one of these health problems.[/xa_slide][xa_slide title="Total & Permanent Disability (TDP)  - How much would you need if you couldn't ever work again?" openclose="" icon="chevron-right"]Although we often think that death is the worst thing that could happen to us, have you considered what life would be like if you were faced with the situation that you could never earn money again? 
If this was the case, you may find yourself financially dead a long time before you are physically dead. If so, what would be the impact to you, financially?

At such a time, having sufficient funds available that can be used to clear debt; cover ongoing education and pension expenses; provide for housekeeping or nanny costs; and invest to top-up your disability income would be vital. Total and Permanent Disability Cover can provide that money.
[/xa_slide][xa_slide title="Life Insurance - How much would your family need?" openclose="" icon="chevron-right"]What effect would your death have on your dependents? It is important that, should your death occur before you have an asset base large enough to support your dependents; the shortfall in funding is met by artificial means. Costs that need to be addressed at this time can include clearing any remaining debt (e.g. mortgages); meeting ongoing education and childcare costs for children; and providing an ongoing income for the surviving partner. Life Insurance will provide the funding you require.

None of us know when we are going to die and without careful planning you could leave serious financial problems behind. Life insurance provides you with peace of mind knowing that a lump sum (or monthly benefit) is available upon death. This cover is twofold: to provide for the financial needs of beneficiaries and to cover debts and liabilities.[/xa_slide][/xa_acc]