What we do...


Let’s face it, none of us expect a serious illness or disability, or to die prematurely. But we know it’s a possibility. So if the unexpected did happen, how would your business, you and your family cope?

At TLI we work with you to develop plans in case of unexpected illness, injury or death. Plans that might include continued family income in case of illness, injury  or death, to allow the family to continue their lives as planned. Plans that may extinguish debt when you are unable to, so that the family is not burned by them.

Plans do not always require insurance, but when it does we will recommend the product and insurer we believe will do the best job.

Our process...

We will work with you to prepare a risk plan that is tailored to your situation. The steps we take are –

  • ♦  Consultation – We start by getting to know you. What are the circumstances of your life, business or farm? What is your financial position and what are your aspirations and goals for your financial future?
  • ♦  Analysis – From this information, we identify the risks, quantify the financial impacts and work out the solutions you need to minimise your risk exposure.
  • ♦  Report – Your risk plan will explain why and how we have assessed your risks the way we have. It will highlight any gaps we see in your current risk management approach and make recommendations on actions to be taken to minimise risk. It will enable you to understand the financial risks needed to be insured and which policies are best suited to your needs.
  • ♦  Review – Together we’ll review our recommendations and agree on an action plan and responsibilities.
  • ♦  Implement and maintain – This final step may involve co-ordinating with other professional advisers to ensure legal agreements, estate planning and structures are appropriate. It may also require us putting in place your insurance cover or managing changes to your existing cover. Once done we then meet again at a frequency you determine to review your risk plan, to ensure it remains relevant to you.